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Sustainability and carbon offsets for a lot less than you think. Let us show you!
Offset carbon emissions, build a more sustainable business model, and offer environmental perks to employees.
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We Know The Challenges

What is Carbon Offsetting? Where do we start? How long is this going to take? How much is this going to cost? How will I know if this will actually make an impact?

Offsetting your company’s carbon whether big or small can be a massive headache. CarbonHero’s dedicated team alleviates the confusion and makes your carbon offsetting simple and straightforward for your company or your employees. It also costs less than you may think!

Let’s dive in.

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We help you meet your sustainability goals.

Corporate Carbon Offsets

Using company data, we calculate and offset your company’s carbon footprint through custom offset strategies designed for you.
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Employee Education

Provide education for employees and customers around carbon offsets and the actions your company is taking to improve our environment.
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Employee Perks

Personal carbon offsetting for employees to increase overall satisfaction and employee engagement.
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How It Works

Step 1: Measuring Your Emissions

Our team will work with your company to quickly understand your emissions and measure them. 

Step 2: Go Carbon Neutral

We show your company projects that align with your brand and goals to select from. Then, we offset!

Step 3: Reporting & Impact

Your team receives updates on how the company’s carbon footprint is being offset and the impact generated. CarbonHero also provides support in the reporting process. 

Example of Our Work

1. Situation Overview

CarbonHero supported SSA Group, a zoo management company, to calculate their carbon footprint and offset their HQ and travel by investing in carbon offset projects aligned to their corporate mission.

2. Carbon Calculation

The CarbonHero team worked with SSA Group to capture the necessary data to calculate SSA’s total annual carbon footprint.

Timeline: 4 weeks

3. Selecting Offset Projects

Once the CarbonHero team determined SSA Group’s carbon footprint, we provided a selection of offset projects tailored to their budget and their desire to support animals in their local communities. 

Timeline: 3 weeks

4. Stakeholder Engagement

To ensure maximum impact, CarbonHero worked with SSA group to plan relevant press releases and employee engagement measures to ensure stakeholders were aware of the sustainability efforts.

Our Work With SSA

SSA has furthered the mission of close to 80 Zoos, Museums, Aquariums, and other cultural attractions with best-in-class and first-in-the-industry bundled services: retail, admissions, dining, and more.


CarbonHero supported SSA’s sustainability commitment by creating a custom carbon offset plan that aligns with their corporate mission.

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