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Offset carbon emissions, build a more sustainable business model, offer environmental perks to employees, and report on ESG initiatives.
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Data Speaks!

of consumers are willing to pay extra for products or services from companies that have dedicated social impact plans.
of employees are more likely to stay at their companies when they believe the company has a higher purpose than just profits.
of people won’t accept a new offer from a company that creates environmental problems even when the salary is higher.

We help you meet your sustainability and carbon offset goals.

Sustainability Strategies

WeHero partners with companies to build and/or execute sustainability strategies that engage teams, increase revenue and profitability, and most importantly, change the world.
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Carbon Offsetting & Credits

Let CarbonHero work with your team to offset your company’s emissions, measure the data, and tell the story.
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Employee Perks

With CarbonHero, you can offer personal carbon offsetting to your employees and customers to help them live a more environmentally friendly life.
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Example of Our Work

WeHero gives companies the solutions to accomplish their social mission through powerful giving and volunteer programs to create a better culture, a better brand, and a greater social impact.

Situation Overview

CarbonHero supported a zoo management company to calculate their carbon footprint and offset their HQ and travel by investing in carbon offset projects aligned to their corporate mission.

Carbon Calculation

The CarbonHero team worked with our client to capture the necessary data to calculate SSA’s total annual carbon footprint. Timeline: 4 weeks

Selecting Offsets

Once the CarbonHero team determined our client’s carbon footprint, we provided a selection of offset projects tailored to their budget and their desire to support animals in their local communities. 

Timeline: 3 weeks


Stakeholder Engagement

To ensure maximum impact, CarbonHero worked with our client to plan relevant press releases and employee engagement measures to ensure stakeholders were aware of the sustainability efforts.

Backed by WeHero

WeHero designs and executes social impact programs through strategic partnerships, CSR & ESG program design and execution, and engaging volunteer programs. Our team works day in and day out to develop new solutions to create better cultures, better brands, and a greater social return. Our mission: To empower 10,000 companies with the solutions to maximize their social impact. #wehero

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How It Works

Investing in projects that reduce carbon footprints across the globe.


Carbon offsets are fairly new. You have questions, we have answers!

About Us

CarbonHero was created to make living a net-zero life easy and accessible for all!