Carbon Perks

Looking for a way to reward and engage your employees or customers?

The CarbonHero Perk!

With CarbonHero, you can offer personal carbon offsetting to your employees and customers to help them live a more environmentally friendly life.

Data Speaks!

of employees are more likely to stay at their companies when they believe the company has a higher purpose than just profits.
of people won’t accept a new offer from a company that creates environmental problems even when the salary is higher.
of people want to buy from and work for companies that give.

How It Works

Step 1

CarbonHero builds a custom Carbon Calculator with your company’s branding!

Step 2

Your employees or customers complete the calculator to understand how much carbon they emit each year.

Step 3

CarbonHero builds a custom offset plan for all of your employees and/or customers to ensure the projects we’re investing in match your corporate mission.

Step 4

You receive a single monthly invoice for all of your employees or customers!

Step 5

We deliver monthly carbon offset reports to each of your employees or customers with your company’s branding!

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How It Works

Investing in projects that reduce carbon footprints across the globe.


Carbon offsets are fairly new. You have questions, we have answers!

About Us

CarbonHero was created to make living a net-zero life easy and accessible for all!