About Us

CarbonHero was created to make living a net-zero life easy and accessible for all!

The Idea

The idea for CarbonHero stemmed from our team’s continued frustration with the existing tools to offset our carbon footprint. The process was confusing, time intensive and easy to forget about. 

Our mission has always been to remove the friction for companies and individuals so they can give back to worthwhile causes without any hassle. We immediately recognized the need for a solution that easily calculated our carbon footprint and allowed us to offset it on an ongoing basis. 

We partnered with Sean Woulfe, who has spent years researching carbon emissions and offsets, to launch CarbonHero. We’re excited to see the difference our team can make!

A WeHero Company

CarbonHero is a member of the WeHero Family. WeHero gives businesses and people the solutions to accomplish their social mission. Our team works day in and day out to develop new programs and technologies that make giving back effortless.

It's Not Rocket Science

Offsetting Your Carbon Takes 84 Seconds