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Funding projects that reduce carbon footprints

Tell us a bit about your lifestyle

Fill out the CarbonHero calculator and answer basic questions about your lifestyle like how many miles a year you drive and how often you fly.

See how much carbon you emit every month

After filling out the calculator you can see how much carbon you’re actually emitting and how it compares to the average person.

Offset your carbon with a simple subscription

You can offset all of your carbon footprint or a portion of it every month to help the environment! Choose the plan that’s right for you and receive tips on how to lower your carbon emissions.

What Are Carbon Offsets?

A carbon offset negates (or offsets) the same amount of carbon emissions you release into the atmosphere. These offsets are created by supporting renewable energy through solar and wind, or by funding other carbon-negative activities like tree-planting.
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Why are Carbon Offsets important?

Greenhouse gas emissions are created when fossil fuels are consumed. The processing and transportation of your food, driving your car and your electricity all emit carbon in the atmosphere.

While carbon dioxide is needed to sustain life on earth, the amazing world we live in is changing. Some say the problem is too large to fix – we disagree.

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What Can You Do?

Carbon offsets allow you to offset activities that emit CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases by funding projects that mitigate the carbon you emit during your daily life.

If you choose to offset your carbon footprint, you invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, methane capture, biosequestration, and carbon capture. These investments allow you to effectively net out your carbon footprint so you’re having a negligible impact on the environment.

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Still a touch confused?

Listen to our friend Mr. Gates explain the importance

It's Not Rocket Science

Offsetting Your Carbon Takes 84 Seconds