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Investing in projects that reduce carbon footprints

What Are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsets are tools that allow you to offset activities that emit CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases by funding projects that mitigate the carbon you emit during your daily life.

While there is no better solution to our environmental issues than limiting our carbon footprint, making the necessary dramatic lifestyle changes to do this are difficult. Offsets are a concrete step that can reduce overall emissions in the short term while more permanent solutions are being developed.

CarbonHero measures the success of our offset programs by four main factors:

  1. Additionality: Can we ensure that a carbon offset project is actually reducing emissions? 
  2. Permanence: Can we ensure that the program will keep emissions out of the atmosphere for an extended amount of time?
  3. Absence of leakage: Are we actually stopping the emissions or are they being pushed outside the boundaries of the project? Are we saving a forest to only have a different forest cut down?
  4. Verification: Can an independent body verify the validity of the carbon offset project?

CarbonHero exclusively works with premier partners to ensure that our investments in offsets deliver the greatest impact possible.

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Projects We Invest In

There are a number of different project types that we fund to help offset your carbon footprint. They are all different, but are alike in their impact to reduce carbon emissions.

We exclusively buy carbon offsets that are Verified by VCS..

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Renewable Energy

Developing renewable energy production, such as solar, wind, hydro, or biomass power. 

Energy Efficiency

Encouraging energy efficiency around the globe. By converting the developing world to efficient stoves, we can reduce the carbon emissions of cooking by 50% and reduce the cost of fuel for individuals by over 40%.

Industrial Gases

Capturing and/or destroying greenhouse gases produced in industrial processes, particularly those that have dramatically more warming effect compared to carbon dioxide, such as nitrous oxide (N2O) or HFC-23.

Methane Capture

Methane’s effect on climate change is between 21 and 72 times more severe than that of carbon dioxide. Capturing it and converting it to carbon dioxide can have a big impact on global warming. These projects capture the methane released from activities such as landfills, coal mining, wastewater treatment and utilize it for fuel.


By investing in biosequestration, we focus on keeping carbon in plants by not killing them or growing plants that absorb carbon. Projects include tree planting and avoiding deforestation.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture represents the opportunity to take carbon from emissions sources and store it in geological and industrial locations. As of 2019, there were 17 carbon capture locations around the world with many more in the planning stages.

It's Not Rocket Science

Offsetting Your Carbon Takes 84 Seconds