How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Lowering your carbon emissions is the ultimate goal

Why Reduce Your Emissions?

CarbonHero’s ultimate goal is to reduce carbon emissions and the impact they have on our environment.

We believe carbon offsets are the best tool we have to reduce the net carbon emissions into the atmosphere without extreme lifestyle change. However, there is no better way to improve our environment than to actually cut your own carbon emissions.

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How to Lower Emissions

There are a number of different ways to lower carbon emissions through lifestyle change.

Adjust Driving Habits

Cutting down on driving can have a huge impact – opt for a train, bus or a bike! When driving, be sure to go easy on the gas and brakes to improve fuel efficiency and do your best to carpool!

Rethink Travel

Even taking one fewer round-trip flight can greatly shrink your carbon footprint. Is it possible to drive or take a train? Could you have that business meeting over zoom?

Eat Less Meat

Cutting down on red meat consumption is a better choice for the environment. The production of red meat uses a lot of feed, water and land. In additions, cows give off methane emissions which is 84 times as potent as C02 over twenty years. 

Waste Less Food

On average, Americans waste around 40% of the food they purchase. Being more thoughtful about food purchases and meal planning will not only save the environment but also your wallet!

Adjust Energy Use at Home

Keeping the heat low when not at home will have a remarkable impact on your energy usage. It’s also a great idea to turn off lights and appliances whenever you don’t need them! You can also improve insulation, install new energy efficient windows or even look into solar!

Buy Sustainably or Not at All

To minimize the impact of your shopping, do your best to buy fairtrade or through other sustainable brands. You can also buy vintage clothes to not only look cool but also to give clothes a second life!

It's Not Rocket Science

Offsetting Your Carbon Takes 84 Seconds