Our Projects

CarbonHero invests in projects around the globe to fight climate change

Projects our Subscribers Fund

CarbonHero invests in a variety of different projects to offset our user’s carbon footprint. These projects not only reduce carbon but also have a positive impact on people around the world.

We exclusively partner with leading independent verification standards to ensure your funds are invested into projects that make a real impact.

Renewable Energy

Developing renewable energy production, such as solar, wind, hydro, or biomass power.

Energy Efficiency

Encouraging energy efficiency around the globe. By converting the developing world to efficient stoves, we can reduce the carbon emissions of cooking by 50% and reduce the cost of fuel for individuals by over 40%.

Industrial Gases

Capturing and/or destroying greenhouse gases produced in industrial processes, particularly those that have dramatically more warming effect compared to carbon dioxide, such as nitrous oxide (N2O) or HFC-23.

Methane Capture

Methane’s effect on climate change is between 21 and 72 times more severe than that of carbon dioxide. Capturing it and converting it to carbon dioxide can have a big impact on global warming. These projects capture the methane released from activities such as landfills, coal mining, wastewater treatment and utilize it for fuel.


By investing in biosequestration, we focus on keeping carbon in plants by not killing them or growing plants that absorb carbon. Projects include tree planting and avoiding deforestation.

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture represents the opportunity to take carbon from emissions sources and store it in geological and industrial locations. As of 2019, there were 17 carbon capture locations around the world with many more in the planning stages.

Current Projects

Blandin Improved Forest Management in Minnesota

About the Project

The UPM Blandin Paper Company is conducting improved forest management practices on 187,876 acres of land in northern Minnesota, 173,386 acres of which is covered in native hardwood forest. The project area land were acquired and consolidated progressively over the past century, with significant acquisitions in the 1950s through the 1990s.

Under the project, Blandin has committed to maintaining the diversity of natural forest communities, aligning management with ecological regimes, and reducing harvest impacts in perpetuity. Significant areas of old growth forest and watercourse buffers are excluded from active management, which increases carbon sequestration and provides critical habitat for rare species such as the northern long-eared bat and the golden-winged warbler.

UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Sichuan Biogas Technology Project

About the Project

The Sichuan Household Biogas project builds methane digesters that break down human and animal waste to create clean methane gas, which is used for cooking. A biodigester is built beneath animal pens so human waste and animal manure flow directly into a brick digestion chamber. Inside the chamber, naturally occurring bacteria anaerobically digest the waste, producing the methane gas that is piped to the cookstove in the house. Using methane for cooking replaces burning coal or wood and avoids carbon emissions.

The project will reduce approximately 10 million tonnes of CO2e by providing 400,000 poor farmer households in Sichuan with climate-friendly biogas digesters and efficient, smoke-free cookstoves. The project delivers annual GHG emissions savings of about 822,520 tCO2e.

UN Sustainable Development Goals:

India Gujarat State Wind Farm

About the Project

The project consists of the installation of 12 Wind Energy Convertors (WECs) of installed capacity of 800 KW each with a total generating capacity of 9.6 MW. Their locations are in Jamnagar & Rajkot districts of Gujarat state of India.

The main purpose of the project is to generate electrical energy through sustainable means using wind power resources, to utilize the generated output for supply to Gujarat Electricity Distribution Authority i.e. Gujarat Electricity Transmission Corporation Limited (GETCO) and to contribute to climate change mitigation efforts.

UN Sustainable Development Goals: