Carbon Neutral Certification for your Wine Business.

Wine benefits the soul. Produce your wine so it benefits the planet too.
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Consumers want to drink good wine

that is good for the planet.


Labeling Matters

87% value carbon neutral labeled products over similar ‘unlabeled’ products.


Increase Perceived Value

92% perceive carbon neutral labeled products to be more sustainable, healthy, and of higher quality.


Attract & Retain Employees

70% say that a strong sustainability plan would affect their decision to stay with a company long term.
Carbon Neutral Wine Bottles

Olé & Obrigado Becomes Carbon Neutral with CarbonHero.

1,610 Metric tons of CO2e offset

Brands like Olé are realizing that becoming carbon neutral is a lot more approachable than previously thought. This is not something that needs to wait until 2030, climate action can be taken now!

Calculate your Wine Brand's Carbon Emissions.

Discover how easy it is for your wine business to go carbon neutral.

Fill out our Carbon Footprint Calculator to discover:

  • Your company’s estimated footprint.
  • Your Scope 1-3 estimates.
  • Don’t know what Scope 1,2, and 3 emissions are? We’ll tell you that too.

Backed by WeHero

WeHero designs and executes social impact programs through strategic partnerships, CSR & ESG program design and execution, and engaging volunteer programs. Our team works day in and day out to develop new solutions to create better cultures, better brands, and a greater social return. Our mission: To empower 10,000 companies with the solutions to maximize their social impact. #wehero

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We Know The Challenges

What is Carbon Offsetting? Where do we start? How long is this going to take? How much is this going to cost? How will I know if this will actually make an impact?

Offsetting your company’s carbon whether big or small can be a massive headache. CarbonHero’s dedicated team alleviates the confusion and makes your carbon offsetting simple and straightforward for your company or your employees. It also costs less than you may think!

Let’s dive in.

Let’s Get Started

How It Works

Step 1: Measuring Your Emissions

Our team will work with your company to quickly understand your emissions and measure them. 

Step 2: Go Carbon Neutral

We show your company projects that align with your brand and goals to select from. Then, we offset!

Step 3: Reporting & Impact

Your team receives updates on how the company’s carbon footprint is being offset and the impact generated. CarbonHero also provides support in the reporting process.