Carbon offsets are fairly new. You have questions, we have answers!


How does CarbonHero work?

CarbonHero calculates your estimated carbon footprint based on decades of research done by leading scientists. Once we estimate your carbon footprint, we provide you the option to offset your carbon on a monthly basis so that you can go net-zero with ease. These funds will be directed to the highest impact carbon offset projects.

How much does CarbonHero cost?

The cost of CarbonHero is dependent on your carbon footprint. The larger the footprint, the more it will cost for us to offset your carbon footprint on a monthly basis.

It costs ~$20 to offset the average American’s carbon footprint, but the cost can rage based on your activities and habits.

How does carbon offsetting work?

Carbon offsets are mechanisms allowing individuals to “offset” activities such as air travel that emit CO2 and other greenhouse gases. This happens through funding mitigating activities, such as landfill methane capture, reforestation and more. You can read more about this on our How It Works page.

How does billing work?

You’ll be securely billed on a monthly basis from our payment provider, Stripe. This monthly charge will be directed to new investments in carbon offsets. We believe in full transparency and will provide updates to these projects in our monthly newsletter. 

How can I cancel CarbonHero?

You can cancel your subscription by visiting our cancel subscription page! Our team will cancel your subscription within 24 – 72 hours. 

How can I adjust my estimated carbon footprint?

You changed your environmental habits, great work! If you’re interested in adjusting CarbonHero, please cancel your subscription here and then complete CarbonHero again. 

How does the calculator work?

After months of research, we’re proud to bring you a tool that calculates your carbon footprint with 97% accuracy. We have worked hard to balance ease of use with accuracy in order to make carbon offsetting accessible to the average person.

Our carbon calculator utilizes scientific research along with governmental data collected by the EPA, EIA, and BTS to calculate carbon emissions for daily activities. The calculator takes into consideration your reported activities and the average carbon output of these activities.

How does CarbonHero make money?

CarbonHero is motivated by making the world a better place for future generations. To help offset our work and costs, CarbonHero takes a 20% fee on top of your carbon offsets. 5% of this fee goes to cover our credit card processing costs with the remaining being allocated to our staff which is focused on building this product as well as selecting and investing in specific carbon offsets.

Where can I learn more about carbon offsets?

If you want to learn more about carbon offsets, please visit our How It Works page where you can learn more about the process and how we offset your carbon!

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