The Problem:

Climate action is needed now in order to protect our existence. If we do nothing, sea levels will rise and drown major cities, our oceans will become overly acidic as they absorb C02 and agriculture yields will continue to drop. 

Each year the world adds over 50 gigatons of CO2e into the atmosphere. Annual CO2 emissions are rising at an alarming rate.

Not surprisingly, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 continue to rise to unprecedented levels. 

The Solution:

There is no single solution to global warming. Apart from drastic lifestyle change by the majority of our population, we need to invest in technologies and projects that change the amount of carbon released by a single individual.

Whether it’s boosting energy efficiency, making transportation more green, better managing forests and agriculture or ensuring sustainable development, we need to make changes.

This is why your offsets matter. 

How Carbon Offsets Work:

Carbon offsets allow you to offset activities that emit CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases by funding projects that mitigate the carbon you emit during your daily life.

 Investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, methane capture, biosequestration and other projects allow you to effectively net out your carbon footprint so you’re having a negligible impact on the environment.

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